Reading, Railways & Radio – big fun day

I seem to be liveblogging today’s adventures. We’ll see how long it lasts!

Update (10/20) : Here’s the link to the CUNY interview. John Kessel talks about the Digital Rapture anthology at about 13:30.

Setting out:


Setting Out
Background music: Richard Thompson – Rumor & Sigh


Art Deco…
Background music: Gillian Welch – Revelator


… & John Kessel
Background music: Gillian Welch – Revival


Background music: car horns


Fashion District Irony
Background music: more horns, tire screeches


CUNY Radio (John’s interviewing, I’m watching.)
Background music: The Narrative (pictured)


CUNY Radio Interview
Background sound: house band: The Narrative


MoMA 5th Floor overlooking sculpture gardens
Background music: lots of conversations


MoMA Sculpture Garden
Background Music: quiet


KGB Fantastic Fiction Reading Series with Ellen Datlow, S.G. Browne & John Kessel
Background music: Fantastic fiction

So much fun today – many thanks to Ellen Datlow for the KGB readings and to John Kessel who let me tag along.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

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