Author: Fran Wilde

My London Worldcon (LonCon) Schedule

My schedule for London Worldcon 2014! These panels, you guys. So very excited to be a part of them. The Kaffeeklatsch will be my first – looking forward to seeing friends old and new there!


Thursday 14:00 – 15:00, London Suite 4 (ExCeL) – Come talk short stories, novels, and cooking the books! I’ll have some shiny swag with me, including Cooking the Books ribbons, short story cards, and (hopefully) my growing map of London Literary stops. What are your favorite places?

Feeding the Imagination: Food in SF/F

Friday 11:00 – 12:00, Capital Suite 3 (ExCeL)

The food in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series is described in such detail that cookbooks have been published in response. What other genre works have focused heavily on food to develop the world and characters? What does food say about an invented society? Are stories that lack an exploration of the diet of their characters lacking something?  With: Shana Worthen (M), Aliette de Bodard, Gillian Polack, Jo Walton, Fran Wilde.


That’s Craft with a ‘C': Cooking the Books with Max Gladstone

Max Gladstone’s fiction mixes modern economic theory with thaumaturgy, necromancy with bankruptcy laws, and his characters draw you into their world before you realize the dangers involved. Talking to Max is a bit similar – you never know where you’ll end up. Be well assured, it will be mindblowing. Max joined the Cooking the Books podcast to celebrate his new book in the Craft Sequence, Full Fathom Five, just out from Tor.

The ingredients for podcast #003 – Cooking the Books with Max Gladstone include:

  • 10% stone golems
  • 3 times the Recommended Daily Amount of artificial gods
  • The best street food money can’t buy
  • What to eat when you’re stuck at the office and still living
  • 2 Dragon Steaks
  • Island economics and class divides
  • One box of Kraft macaroni and cheese
  • Seasoned with Anime, Loncon, and the John W. Campbell awards
  • Plus Max’s new story, The Angelus Guns


Lessons from the Portuguese: Cooking the Books with J. Kathleen Cheney

Very excited to have author J. Kathleen Cheney join Cooking the Books today! She’s here to talk about Portuguese cooking and the Golden City, where magical beings have been banned for decades, though many live there in secret.

Kathleen, welcome! Tell us a little about The Golden City and The Seat of Magic — is there a close cultural analog in the world?

The Golden City and The Seat of Magic are set in an alternate Portugal, in what would be the city of Porto, although a somewhat altered version.

What kind of research did you do on that culture?

To research that culture, I did a lot of reading, not only of history, but also period fiction from Portugal (Eça de Queirós and Camões, for example), guide books, cookbooks. Among other things, I tried cooking several recipes from those Portuguese cookbooks. And then we visited the country, spending two weeks in Portugal back in 2012, which was absolutely wonderful. (more…)

Frankenpost: Four Great Short Stories Not By Me, On Reading, Workshops, & Things Upcoming

It’s been an exciting month around here – and a busy one. Over on Twitter, I experimented with lightning-round Cooking the Books book giveaways, and that went really well. We’ll be doing some more of those.

But first and foremost, I’m delighted to share that revisions are *finished* on book 1 and we’re moving to the next phase of the process – meaning we’re one step closer to BOOK!

Working with my editor and the team at Tor has been an amazing and awesome experience so far. Oh the brilliant and funny things that happen in the margins of books before they get published. Totally excellent conversations going on in there. Oh the gifs. So. Many. Gifs.

I know I’ll have more to say about the editing process soon, including some upcoming Book 1-related news — but I can’t talk about that yet, so I’m going to make you a bunch of links for this frankenpost (thank you, Natalie) and say:

Look! What’s that over there?!?


Blue Goo in Space – Cooking the Books with Adam Christopher

Is Adam Christopher as charming as he is prolific? Today, you have the opportunity to find out! Born in New Zealand, now living in England, Adam is the author of Empire State (Angry Robot, 2012), Hang Wire (Angry Robot, 2012), Seven Wonders (Angry Robot, 2012), The Age Atomic (Angry Robot, 2013), and most recently, The Burning Dark (Tor, 2014). He has a number of books upcoming as well, including the LA Trilogy, and The Burning Dark‘s sequel: The Machine Awakes (Tor, 2015)

Adam joins Cooking the Books for our second podcast episode to discuss The Burning Dark as well as his novelette Brisk Money, coming to Tor.Com in July.

(UPDATE: there’s a giveaway going on through Monday – details in the comments!)

Want to know what you’re getting into before you press play? Here are the ingredients:


Freshly Pressed, Novelocity, Drabblecast, SFWA Blog: Elsewhere

from over at the Tumblr

I’m working on a new Cooking the Books interview today with author Adam Christopher — it’s going to be so good, you guys. SO. Good.

Meantime, tons of things going on. Thank you so much to the folks at WordPress, who featured my essay on voice and competence on Freshly Pressed last week. I’ve met so many new people through that experience and am very grateful. The FP site is a great source of new insights and voices. I highly recommend it.

Over at Novelocity, authors are talking about their dream convention, including Ken Liu, Beth Cato, and me. What’s your dream convention?

New story out! My alien-invasion-foodie-restaurant-management-bad-bet-party story with menus — Local Delicacies — debuts at Drabblecast! The audio sounds amazing – thanks to Lauren Synger, Norm, and Bo Kaier for all their delicious work.

And the SFWA blog has reprinted Cooking the Books with Ann Leckie – I had so much fun doing this interview. Ann Leckie is an amazing author and a completely class act. Go check out the reprint and all the amazing resources for authors over at the SFWA.

Before the Mast and on The Deck of the World

I did not wish to take a cabin passage, but rather to go before the mast and on the deck of the world, for there I could best see the moonlight amid the mountains. I do not wish to go below now. 

~ Henry David Thoreau


A couple weeks ago, I found myself at a place I consider more home than the house where I grew up. In that place, there is a rocky beach and access to a large swath of the upper Chesapeake Bay.

Believe me when I say that I know how lucky I am to have that place. I do not think I would be who I am without it. I doubt sincerely that I would be here at all.

When I first came to that place, I quickly earned the nickname “Mouse.” At eight, I was very small indeed. I did not speak much, and when I did, it was quietly. And I was afraid of everything.

A couple things happened over the course of many years to change Mouse into me. One of those was that someone showed me how to sail a small dinghy, called a sunfish. They did not *take* me sailing. I was not crew. After teaching me the basics on a larger boat, they put a tiller in my right hand and a mainsheet in my left and the sent me across the water on a calm summer day. (more…)

“Nine Dishes on the Cusp of Love” at Daily Science Fiction

“Nine Dishes on the Cusp of Love” appears at Daily Science Fiction today and was emailed out to subscribers in the wee hours of the night.

I read this publicly for the first time at Boskone 51 during a group reading with Julie C. Day, Michael J. DeLuca, Sean Robinson, Margaret Ronald, and Hannah Strom-Martin. On Valentine’s Day. After dinner.

I’m on the road today, so if you have questions about the story or how it came to be, leave them here or on tumblr. If you ask, I might tell you about a couple of dishes that didn’t make it into the story…

Until then, here’s a teaser and a link. Bon Appetite:

Nine Dishes on the Cusp of Love

Her: passing through to new horizons, slumming my station’s crowded bar. Me: just off a line-cook shift, eating my free meal. Her teeth flashed, her eyes gleamed, her dress sparkled. I smelled of fish and spice. “Each desired other,” she said later. The bar’s glass and mirrors wove a net of her and caught me, young and fresh.

[keep reading]

Cookies and Con-versations: Cooking the Books with Rachel Kory

Must remember to be nicer to  agent…

By day (and sometimes evenings and weekends and possibly the wee dawn hours), SGGLiterary agent Rachel Kory encourages and promotes her writers. She’s awesome at it.* When she’s not scouring contracts, Rachel can be found at conventions throughout the country. Here’s the catch about cons: You may not recognize her when you see her, not at first: she’s excellent at costuming too. (Rachel’s been kind enough to share some of her photos below.)

A hint, for those who are lucky enough to cross her path: she’s usually carrying cookies or other delicious foods to share. Curious to find out more? Let’s have a con-versation… (more…)

Elsewhere: Storium on i09; SF MindMeld about re-reading

Bunch of fun things happening elsewhere!

i09 talked about Storium a couple of days ago – it’s a great article! (I’d say that even if they didn’t mention me, but I’m glad they did!) You can read more about this online RPG storytelling tool. More news to follow about State Liminal, the world I’m building for them.


Three out of the five books I listed. I think it was five. Might have been six. Or seven.


And SFMindMeld asked “What genre books have you worn out re-reading?” Lots of great answers from authors including Max Gladstone, Tina Connolly, Diana Pharaoh Francis, Mike Resnick, Laura Resnick, Seanan McGuire, Damien Walters, Michael Martinez, Shaun Duke, and Anne Leonard.

I will admit that it wasn’t difficult to pick which books I re-read most. In this case, you can judge a book by its cover.

What are your genre re-reads?