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Frankenpost: Four Great Short Stories Not By Me, On Reading, Workshops, & Things Upcoming

It’s been an exciting month around here – and a busy one. Over on Twitter, I experimented with lightning-round Cooking the Books book giveaways, and that went really well. We’ll be doing some more of those.

But first and foremost, I’m delighted to share that revisions are *finished* on book 1 and we’re moving to the next phase of the process – meaning we’re one step closer to BOOK!

Working with my editor and the team at Tor has been an amazing and awesome experience so far. Oh the brilliant and funny things that happen in the margins of books before they get published. Totally excellent conversations going on in there. Oh the gifs. So. Many. Gifs.

I know I’ll have more to say about the editing process soon, including some upcoming Book 1-related news — but I can’t talk about that yet, so I’m going to make you a bunch of links for this frankenpost (thank you, Natalie) and say:

Look! What’s that over there?!?


Meet Novelocity & January Short Fiction Reads

Noveloceraptor… because books are delicious

A few weeks ago, ten intrepid authors began blogging about questions relevant to your interests. From tracking monthly science fiction and fantasy debuts to answering questions about reading, writing, and things in between, the gang at Novelocity is worth a read – or several reads.

Novelocity features authors J. Kathleen Cheney (The Golden City & The Seat of Magic [Roc, 2013-2014]), E.C. Ambrose (Elisha Barber & Elisha Magus [Daw, 2013-2014]), Beth Cato (The Clockwork Dagger [Harper Collins Voyager, 2014]), Mike Underwood (Geekomancy, Celebremancy, Attack of the Geek [Angry Robot, 2012-2014]), Tina Connolly (Ironskin, Copperhead, & 1 more [Tor 2012-2014]), M.K. Hutchins (Drift), Steve Bein (Daughter of the Sword, Year of the Demon, Disciple of the Shadow [Roc 2012-2014]), Lawrence M. Schoen (Barsk, Tor 2015), Tex Thompson (One Night in Sixes, Solaris 2014), and yours truly, plus guests from all over the industry.

This week, the raptor is talking about Favorite Reads of Our Late Teens & 20s. Last week? Favorite Fantasy Worlds. What about yours? Head on over and join the conversation…

Meantime – want a few great short fiction reads for early 2014? Got you covered. Check out:

On Campbell Award *Ineligibility* and The Eligibility of Others

This year marks a new milestone. I’m no longer eligible for consideration for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. And I’m totally fine with that. Mostly.

I’ll tell you why: During the period when I was eligible, I published approximately 2500 words across three flash stories in Nature (2012) and Daily Science Fiction (2011). I enjoyed writing these stories; I learned from writing them. I heard from readers who said they enjoyed them too. That made me happier than I can possibly sum up with words.

It felt something like this: 

For a new writer, acceptance in a publication that pays pro rates is something of a milestone. I didn’t totally understand the full ramifications when I sent “Everlasting” to Daily Science Fiction in spring 2011 and they accepted it. I’d written a flash-length story, was looking for places that would publish flash-length stories and that had published other stories that I enjoyed. “Everlasting” was my first published short story, anywhere. And dear dog it felt good to have someone pay me for my words. (more…)

August – October Reading & TBR

New books! Shiny stories! I acquired two Books of Size at the July KGB Fantastic Fiction reading, and they are wonderful. And I finally finished the nonfiction summer read – was entirely worth it too.  Lots of travel this summer, which meant lots of reading time.

What have you been reading?


Here are some of mine – both book-sized and short stories. The short stories were particularly plentiful and amazing this summer. (more…)

Some Funny News:

UFO2Over the weekend, when I wasn’t slipping on banana peels at the local coffee shop, I learned that the UFO2 anthology has accepted my story, “How to Feed Your Pyrokinetic Toddler”.

So, despite all of my best attempts at becoming a stodgy stuffed shirt, someone thinks I’m funny. Or at least they think one of my stories is. I’m delighted because this story is completely inappropriate, highly pear-shaped, and was a lot of fun to write.

UFO2 is, like its predecessor, Unidentified Funny Objects, a collection of humorous science fiction and fantasy stories. UFO2 will feature Robert Silverberg, Esther Freisner, Mike Resnick, Ken Liu, Tim Pratt, Jody Lynn Nye, Jim Hines, me, and many more*.

Hey, do you write funny? *Because you could be in this anthology too. The open reading period is May 1 – 31 and submission guidelines are here.

UFO2 is a kickstarter-funded anthology. I’m not going to tell you that you should help back it, because I’m obviously biased. But if you like backing highly entertaining and suspiciously funny anthologies, I’d say this is a good place to start. Plus, then you’ll get to read about the care and feeding of pyrokinetic toddlers. You know, in case that should ever become a thing.