Glad this exists in the world

Mid April means a lot of things – including the return of the Doctor. Last night we watched a favorite ep from last season, and I have to say that the set of Vincent’s bedroom from Vincent and the Doctor is one of my favorite things in … ever. I have a mad crush on set builders who take things to a certain level: those early sets from Pushing Daisies, Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Wedding, for example.  Yep, I’m aware Eyck was a Dutch master, not officially a set designer.  But look at what he does here.

Arnolfini Wedding, Jan van Eyck, 1434

Simply put, I like rooms that draw you in with their detail.  Rooms that show you more detail than you can possibly need. I like them because this impulse is fun, it’s important, it’s too much, and it’s beautiful.

The too-muchness doesn’t need to be about things.  It can be about light or color, or echoes.  What I love about the Vincent van Gogh bedroom in Dr. Who is the latter.

Ok, I love a lot of things about that episode.  The ending seems to coincide with an allergy attack every time, though.  I should see someone about that.

Dr. Who, Vincent and the Doctor, copyright BBC
Vincent and the Doctor, BBC

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