Witty antidote to sparkly vampboys

Cold Kiss, by Amy Garvey, On Sale: 9/20/2011

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for a while.  I’m a pretty diverse reader (Ok, settle down. I can practically hear you rolling your eyes.), but it’s rare that a romance crosses my desk and tops the pile of gritty, wired, fantastical stuff.  Except when it’s a rather gritty, fantastic romance, with added undead.

A while ago, my friend Amy Garvey let me peek at her new book for Harper Collins, Cold Kiss.  Now, I get to tell you about it.  And then you get to wait, until September, when it arrives at your local independent bookstore, and at your library, and online, so that you can read it too.  And then I’m looking forward to the discussions, because I’m betting you’ll want to talk about it afterwards.

Cold Kiss is more than just the thinking person’s answer to Bella and Edward.  It is that, but it’s also fun and loaded with intrigue and choices and, best of all, consequences (they’re pesky, yes, but they do amazing things for the depth and staying power of a story).   The characters have histories, and futures.  They don’t just live for each other, they’re on their way somewhere.  Somewhere slightly unusual, yes.  And somewhere that you might like to follow.

The writing is fast and deft. The drive to find out more about the consequences of Wren’s actions, and how she’ll deal with these both day-to-day and with any magic she can muster, is what kept me reading.  Wren’s particular stubbornness is pangingly familiar, her desire to love and be loved somewhat pear-shaped, and, most importantly, her drive to rescue herself and everyone else, comes clear long before her ability to do so is resolved.

I’m excited to see which younger friends will read Cold Kiss and like it, as it is YA with a side of romance, and who among friends my age will have thoughtful insights about the book.  I’m currently in the middle of some ripping discussions with two separate groups of friends about another series, and I’m hoping that, come September, Cold Kiss too will become part of our discussion.

Now returning you to my normal geekish mumblings…


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