Gratitude: helpful links for writers

Thanks to the folks that make the tools that keep the words organized.  These are so very helpful.

(Note: Not a definitive list, completely biased and mac-slanted, YMMV, mullet-free.)

  • Duotrope’s Digest – (Free, with donations requested) Writers’ resource featuring a beautifully structured database, reporting, statistics, interviews with editors, submission tracking, links… why are you still reading? Click.
  • Scrivener – ($45) Writers’ software.  The compile function that lets you export in each market’s favored layout at the push of a button, plus the ability to store notes and feedback with your story?  Worth.It. ’nuff said.
  • ProTip from Jamie Todd Rubin (priceless) for creating a custom template in Scrivener.  Just found this.  +++
  • HeyPublisher – (Free) Lovely design, searchable database of writers’ markets, with easy ‘submit to market’ option.  Several publishers, including Apex, now use it for submissions.  Caveat: Not as much information on the database as Duotrope about payment and turnaround times.  Stores your fiction online, no easy way to remove stories.
  • Dropbox – (Free) Yes, I know, I know – concerns about copyright and security (check out google’s and facebook’s and everyone else’s copyright and TOS if you really want to freak yourself out), and stability, but.  Your stuff being all on one laptop, while you’re traveling?  Access and backup tools trump security questions… for now.
  • Apps: iThoughtsHD for iPad ($9.99) and CircusPoniesNotebook ($49) if, like me, you’re looking for various ways to think things out.
  • Twsbi Diamond 530 fountain pen & Noodlers’ ink.  (prices vary) – Gorgeous.  Analog.  Gorgeous.
What are some of your favorites?


  1. Very useful, Fran! I will check most of these out, although I already use Dropbox (saved my ass MANY a time as a teacher with a work laptop and a personal laptop, and no 5 am cognitive skills.)

    Not a Macster, so I will hope that most are available for PC.

  2. Hi Fran, a pleasure meeting you tonight.

    I’d suggest that writers of speculative fiction also peruse, another market database (if you’re willing to ascribe the term to a site basically organized as flat files). I find I look at it more often than duotrope, though.

    There are some other market resources on livejournal, which is secretly more than a forum for teenage angst – there’s a fairly strong writer presence there, and apparently it is also a breeding ground for Russian political dissent.

    And author Abra Staffin Wiebe posts up her own list in a searchable spreadsheet form at

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