Because it’s easy like that

Dear Readers,

You’ve been soaking in this particular solution so much you may not notice it  by now.  It’s seemingly everywhere.  Movies.  TV. Books.  By solution, I mean the answer to one of a writer’s greatest problems: how to get to the information you need without boring the reader with too many details about the getting of that information.

So, here’s the thing.

Hacking is not accomplished by giving a computer to the nearest cute young thing and waiting thirty seconds until they say “I’m In.”  Even if you’ve established that they are (1) a veritable computer genius, (2) very cute.

It’s just not.

That is all.  You’re welcome.



  1. Cute Young Thing: I’m in.
    Geek: Uh, no, that’s your amazon shopping cart.
    Cute Young Thing: Ok. Ok, gimme a sec…now. I’m in.
    Geek: That’s just a comment thread on Huffpost. Don’t read that.
    Cute Young Thing: Hey, yeah, I was kidding. Ok. Now I’m in.
    Geek: You opened a Dos prompt. That’s a program on your computer.
    Cute Young Thing: No, that’s hack. See the flashy rectangle.
    Geek: Who taught you to hack?
    Cute Young Thing: Well…OMG…the master…Angelina Jolie.
    Geek: You’ve never even heard of Kevin Mitnick, have you?
    Cute Young Thing: Of course. He’s the fat guy on The Office. Oh look, I’m in.
    Geek: That’s a pop-up. You’ve just installed malware.
    Cute Young Thing: Mall wear. Oh, oh — I so have to go shopping. I can’t hack in these clothes. Call me later if you need more help.

    • Haha Scott!


      Each time I see one of these ( Claudia Donovan, love you girl, but this time I’m looking right at you) I experience a great sense relief knowing that in the near future we’ll live in a world with universal standards.

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