On putting your cards on the table

I’ve found myself scribbling my email and this blog’s address on scraps of paper a bunch lately.  It’s a pain.

ImageI’ve had great luck with moo cards in the past, for other endeavors, so I spent a few minutes on their website (www.moo.com) on Sunday and ginned myself up a solution.

If the photos look familiar, they’re the ones from the website – synchronicity!

The cards – small because I don’t need them to be big – ship from England, but I figured I could scribble until they arrived.  Plus, the smaller (aka mini) cards are $19 for a box of 100. Not bad, considering what I spend on ink.

Wow, that was fast.  The package at my door made a grey, ugly day a lot cheerier.  Thanks, moo!


  1. Thanks, Ann! Mostly I’ll exchange them at events, or when someone asks me for my info, but they’re also handy when I’m asking someone to do a cooking-the-books post….

    It’s a great question – writers, where do you drop your cards?

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