Rarefied Atmosphere

This weekend’s adventure included a roadtrip with Siobhan and Beth down to DC for the Nebula Awards, and Talking To People.  I’m thrilled beyond measure that Jo Walton’s Among Others took honors for best novel, though at least three others on the novel list rank high on my favorites for this year.  The field of short stories, novellas, and novelettes was so amazing I don’t know how they picked the winners.  Plus, there was an astronaut!

This wasn’t technically my first con, though it sure felt like it when Joe Haldeman sat down with my group in the lobby and talked for a while, and when Connie Willis stopped by the lunch table. Meeting friends I’ve only talked to online, on Codex, or through their stories was amazing and, very quickly, overwhelming. Making new acquaintances and having conversations that spanned my academic, tech, sailing, and artistic experience? Even more so. I finally took myself off to a corner to sort through all the squee moments.

Note to self: writing is important.  So is getting out and talking to people. You come back more energized and ready to work.  Also, don’t forget to bring a lanyard next time you go to a con.



    • Cate, I’m seriously considering tying the thing to my suitcase now, so I don’t forget it next time. Would have come in so handy! What cons are you going to this year?

  1. As much as I hated presenting papers at conferences, I always loved that they forced me think about things in a different way and that chatting with colleagues made me excited about getting back to my own research.

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