Exciting announcement: Junebugs

Leaf insect Photo by Sandilya Theuerkauf, Wynaad, 2006

After careful thought…

      No, wait.

After realizing that I wouldn’t be able to update this blog for much of June, followed closely by panic…

     That’s not right either.

Because they’re amazing and I want you to meet them…

     That’ll do.

I’m pleased to announce that June is bug month. Authors and journal editors A.C. Wise and Bernie Mojzes will be bringing by some entertaining tidbits, including Cooking the Books entries and recipes sponsored by the Journal of Unlikely Entomology. (Crunchy recipes, one expects.)

You heard me!  The shiny-carapaced, multi-legged journal that certain folks at Locus have nicknamed “the bugzine” will be visiting all month.

What could possibly go wrong?

I just pray they stay out of the pantry.

::sprinkling sugar water on the transom, leaving the pie out and the windows open::



  1. We’re delighted to be infesting…er, invading…uh…’guarding’ your blog for the month of June. We promise to be polite guests, and not eat all your sugar. We’ll even clean up after ourselves, and only leave the prettiest spider webs behind for you to remember us by.

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