Thrice More over the George Washington Bridge – Or, Returning from Boston

The Readercon Book Room. Or, Where I left all my money.

I’d planned to keep blogging Readercon, but then Readercon happened. And then the George Washington Bridge happened, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Readercon was all about seeing friends, meeting new people, going to panels and readings, and battling my (newly minted) arch-nemesis Carrie Cuinn.  Also keeping up with Kelly Lagor.  She is fantastic fun and you should absolutely follow the sound of her ukelele the next time you hear it at a con.

My excellent roommates (Kelly and A.C. Wise) and I managed to see a lot of the wonderful panels, including several featuring Elizabeth Bear, Leah Bobet, Gordon Van Gelder and Scott H. Andrews, and many more. I got to flomp with Phoebe and Doug, and hang with Chris and Amanda and Ann and Laura. We had a great Viable Paradise dinner and then took over the pagoda outside the Marriott with the help of Ellen Kushner and C.S.E. Cooney for the first annual Viable Paradise Take The Pagoda Late Night Sing.

Other highlights? Learning magic tricks. Meeting Brett Cox, Sydney Duncan, Ellen Datlow, Amanda Downum, Bracken Macleod, and Leah Bobet. Seeing Andy Duncan, John Kessel, Bear and Scott Lynch, James D. Macdonald and Debra Doyle, Michael Swanwick and Marianne Porter again.  Listening to Andy Duncan read anything – menus, conference signage, and especially his stories. Talking to Jo Walton and not passing out from the awesome.

Look, Kids! Parliament! Big Ben!

By the time we hit the road, A.C. and I were wiped out and energized and easily led astray by our navigation-bot… so this is, at the end, a story of how you go over a bridge thrice, when you really just wanted to go straight.

You see, we followed the bot in hopes that she’d lead us back to Philadelphia safely, while our brains still churned with thoughts of great books and fantastic people.  We followed the bot and took an exit we shouldn’t have just after crossing the GW bridge, heading south. Which led to a road that led to another road and the bot said turn around, so we did, and soon we found ourselves going back over the GW bridge, headed north, lightened of another $12 in bridge tolls.  Then the bot said that in order to go to Philadelphia, we needed to take Riverside drive, which we did, and then get BACK on the GW bridge, which we did.  And then we got to go home.

I do like that bridge. I did say it was pretty.  I think we’ll take the train next year.

Many thanks to Readercon, and the people of Readercon, for being so very excellent.


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