Trains of Thought

So I’m setting out on another adventure this morning, mostly by train. By the time this trip is finished, if all works out as planned, I’ll have cover art to talk about, I’ll have attended some excellent con panels, seen many friends, and I will have flown in a wind tunnel.

You read that last one right.

It’s research. Really. And because I’ll have people with me for pointing-and-laughing purposes, there will be ridiculous photos.

Stay tuned!

Meantime, because I’m keeping better track of writing data this year, here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to for January – mid February.

– finished polish on Bone Arrow.
– six new short stories.
– outlined next novel; drafted first 8k.
– word count: short stories (11.5k), novels (12k), other (4k).
– confirmed four new cooking the books interviews. Interviewed Saladin Ahmed (This is going to be a most excellent CtB). Prepped for an upcoming SF Signal Mind Meld on sf/f food.
– Finished a stack of beta reading. Cannot wait for these stories to get out in the wild.
– Outlined an academic chapter on social media and identity that I’m co-writing with a colleague.
– Client work.
– Family hijinks.

It’s been a busy six weeks! How about for you?


One comment

  1. You are some sort of freakin’ superhero, you know that, right? Where do you find time for sleep? I look forward to seeing the wind tunnel photos – that sounds like an incredible experience!

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