Proof of Concept: Flying!

Ah. Flying. Who knew? Jumping into a wind tunnel = hilarious fun and some ridiculous photos.

Things I learned that will benefit the novels I’m working on and probably some short stories as well:

  • In a lot of vertical wind, a body doesn’t operate exactly like a sail, unless you’re wearing a wingsuit, and even then probably not. It operates like a lot of little sails: any small movement of fingers or hands can turn you this way or that. A bent leg can send you flipping.
  • The more you spread out and relax, the higher you go. The tenser you are, the more you sink. Life lesson: noted.
  • Two bodies, flying together, can whip up some magnificent spins and torque. (Calm down. This is PG. For now.)
  • The West Point air cadets are pretty awesome at wind-tunnel formations. I? Am not.
  • Still, super fun.

Many thanks to Ben, at Sky Venture New Hampshire, for the lessons; to alleged super-villain  Siobhan Carroll for going with me; and to the point-and-laugh brigade of Debra Doyle and James Macdonald who got us there and back unscathed.

Oh right… you wanted embarrassing photos…

I still can't believe I did this. Utterly ridiculous.
I still can’t believe I did this. Utterly ridiculous.
Look ma, no hands & no feet.
Look ma, no hands & no feet.


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