Sheer Awesome: The Impossible Futures Anthology Cover

It’s been spotted in the wild! The incredible Impossible Futures cover for the anthology edited by Tom Easton and Judith K. Dial. Artist Duncan Eagleson is a genius.

I’m ridiculously excited to be a part of this anthology – the TOC is amazing. The anthology includes stories by Rev DiCerto, Paul Di Filippo, Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald, Duncan Eagleson, Jeff Hecht, Edward M. Lerner, Shariann Lewitt, Jack McDevitt, James Morrow, Mike Resnick, Sarah Smith & Justus Perry, Allen M. Steele, and yours truly.

And this cover? I want it as a poster / t-shirt / wallpaper, you name it. It’s glorious. Well? It is.

Impossible Futures - (Fall 2013). Edited by Tom Easton and Judith Dial, and includes cover art by Duncan Eagleson.
Impossible Futures (Fall 2013, Pink Narcissus Press). Edited by Tom Easton and Judith Dial.

Eeeeeee. So. Shiny!



  1. I think I can forgive the high heels, as a clue to the observant, but high heels and a rocket pack are almost the silliest thing in the picture.

    • *Feet* and rocket packs have at times seemed like a fraught relationship to me… I like the boots, though! Thanks for your comment, Wolf! Wondering what earned the ‘almost’…

      • Is it the combination of heels with a rocket pack? Before Labor Day? I actually kind of squinted at the heels also, but I figured the artist was evoking the pulps, where nothing in the illustrations was a good idea.

        But hey, Mr. Jetpack, who is obviously mansplaining something, is also obviously being drowned out by the roar of the rocket train overhead.

  2. Oh that is crazy awesome! If it becomes available as a poster, please let me know, I will totally buy one.

    I’m excited for this anthology – looks like a great lineup!

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