Agent News!

Earlier this year, I began querying my second novel, Bone Arrow.

I love this book. I worked my tail off on this book.

Even so.

Querying felt like this:

I tried to be compelling: 

I waited a bunch.

My friends kept me going, sometimes by sending funny links, sometimes by threatening me with poetry. There’s no way to properly express how thankful I am for you all. Nicole, Kelly, Sara, Chris, Jim, Debra, Greg, Oz, Jon, Alex, Natalie, Ben, Laura, Amy, Amy, Beth, Raq, A.C., Eugene, Doug, Wayne, Lou, Cath, Sandra, Lauren, Siobhan, Sue and Chris, and especially Tom and the Urchin – you guys. I can’t even begin to list the ways you helped. Thank you so much.

Because you know what?

It was worth it.

Today, I went to New York to meet the people who have a lot of lovely things to say about this book I love so much. And they’re awesome.

It’s still sinking in. So I’m going to type it out and then it will sink in some more.

I’m truly excited and honored to be represented by Russell Galen and Rachel Kory of Scovil Galen Gosh Literary.

You can read a short story set in the Bone Arrow universe this summer, in the Impossible Futures anthology.

If you could hear the soundtrack to this post, it would sound like:

or possibly (this is for you, Liz):


  1. SQUEE!! I have been eagerly waiting for the gory details!! So many well-deserved congratulations.

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