A New Sciffy Playlist

I was in need of a new, future-filled playlist (because if I play the old one in the car any longer, the natives will make me walk home), so I consulted the Twitter.

Behold, brilliant co-conspirators Liz Bourke, Rachel Hartman, W.E. Larson, Sarah Goslee, Natalie Luhrs, and Ann Chatham to the rescue! (The order is still being hacked with.)

Have something to add? Please do! Comments are open and we are waiting to take your requests!

  • Intergalactic – Beastie Boys
  • Still Alive – GLaDOS
  • Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf (first warp travel in First Contact)
  • Fist of Fire – Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, and Howe
  • London Calling – The Clash (Climate Change)
  • Mandelbrot Set – Jonathan Coulton
  • Inca Roads – Frank Zappa
  • Major Tom – David Bowie
  • Major Tom (Coming Home) – Peter Schilling
  • Starship Troopers
  • 2112 – Rush
  • Machine Messiah – YES
  • Run Straight Down – Warren Zevon
  • Fight Like A Girl – Emilie Autumn
  • Winter Born – Cruxshadows
  • Lips of Steel – Guadalcanal Diary
  • This Girl Is Taking Bets – Thea Gilmore
  • Starships – Nikki Minaj
  • Robot Rock – Daft Punk
  • Wake of the Medusa – The Pogues
  • Weapon – Matthew Good
  • Advertising on Police Cars – Matthew Good
  • Year of the Knife – Tears for Fears
  • The World Is Not Enough – Garbage
  • The Future Soon – Jonathan Coulton

Album and Band Suggestions: DragonForce, Symphony of Science, Gary Numan, Passenger, The Indelicates.

So, what are your favorites?


  1. How could you miss Deep Purple and “Space Truckin”?
    Rebel Red’s “Water Planet”
    Steve Forbert “Good Planets are Hard to Find”
    Black Sabbath “Planet Caravan”
    Christine Lavin’s astrohistorical tirade about Pluto “Planet X”

    More esoterically, Toney Carey’s Pink World and Planet P Project albums.
    Chris De Burgh “A Spaceman Came Traveling”
    John Denver “Looking for Space”

    And Nazareth’s “No Mean City” – no idea what it’s about, but it _could_ be aliens.

  2. Peter Viskinde “Born on a Red Star”, “Ain’t it Hard”
    Foreigner “Starrider”
    Eliza Gilkyson “Calling all Angels”

    And while not strictly SF, if you’re in the right mood:
    Rosanne Cash “Somewhere in the Stars”
    Mary Black “Brand New Star”
    Eliza Gilkyson “Constant Star”
    Jimmie Dale Gilmore “Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes”
    Cast of Oliver “Good Morning Starshine”
    Merle Haggard “Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Star”
    John Hiatt “Farthest Stars”
    The Elegants “Little Star”
    Blackmore’s Rainbow “Morning Star”
    Bruce Cockburn “Starwheel”
    Gipsy Kings “Estrellas”

    Fish “13th Star”
    Black Sabbath “Seventh Star”

    I could go on and on (even more, I mean).

  3. Seanan McGuire. I can suggest specific songs if necessary, but nearly anything on Red Roses and Dead Things. I don’t know of an e-source for this, sadly, or I would have made all my friends buy it ages ago.

    And Timewarp!!!!

  4. Well, now…

    The Byrds – “CTA-102”
    Radiohead – “Subterranean Homesick Alien”
    Pink Floyd – “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”
    Jimi Hendrix – “Third Stone from the Sun”
    Daft Punk – “We Will Robot Rock You”
    The Killers – “Spaceman”
    Angie Aparo – “Spaceship”
    They Might Be Giants – “The Ballad of Davy Crockett (in Outer Space)”
    Modest Mouse – “Space Travel is Boring”
    Honeydogs – “10,000 Years”
    Sufjan Stevens – “Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland”
    Elvis Costello – “My Science Fiction Twin”
    Flaming Lips – “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt. 1”
    Janelle Monae – “Many Moons”
    Parliament – “Mothership Connection”
    Juluka – “Scatterlings of Africa”

    Well, that was a fun time-suck! 🙂

      • The song I was utterly unable to think of is “Come Sail Away” by Styx.

        Nick has suggestions too:

        Zevon, Long Arm of the Law is post-apocalyptic.
        Zevon, They Moved the Moon

        Blue Oyster Cult, Take Me Away, maybe Godzilla, various others

        Probably more later!

  5. Deltron 3030. Not only is their eponymous album one of the best hip-hop albums ever, it’s a concept album set in 3030 about a mecha-fought rebellion against a dystopian government. Even if you don’t normally go in for hip-hop I strongly recommend giving it a listen 🙂

  6. Nick is all into this. He suggests,
    Dr Stein, by Helloween
    And he says he will have SO MANY THINGS for you, but I say he has to walk the boxer first.

    (Do keep in mind Scalzi’s aphorism that the golden age of music is 12 to 14.)

  7. “Science and Honor” – The Phenomenauts
    “Sexy Data Tango” – Voltaire
    “Revenge of the Attack of the Clonef***er” – Schaffer the Darklord

  8. Better late than never! Europe is, I maintain, a science fictional band. Therefore, “The Final Countdown” and “Wings of Tomorrow” would count on that front. They also have a song called “Hero” that’s about what it’s like to be fannish, if you want to branch out in that direction.

    Also, if you want to switch things up a little bit, then there’s Twang Gang’s cover of “The Final Countdown”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xboYLIxCHxU

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