“If You’re Not Using Your Decor As a Weapon, You’re Doing it Wrong”

Author Mira Grant (a.k.a. Seanan McGuire)’s Newsflesh series examines life [cough] on the other side of a zombie apocalypse. Who better to join Apex Publications in their first-ever (and possibly last) attempt at a DIY Home Design Blog?

Over at Apex, you will find handy tips for choosing a zombie-apocalypse home site, stain removal, and ill-advised color palettes for the apocalypse, along with a succinct rule-of-thumb for the ongoing weapons-as-decor debate. Presenting:


What are the top priorities for home (and bunker) design in a Zombie Apocalypse environment? Can you truly integrate space for defense and training while not sacrificing comfort?

MG: When designing your home/bunker for survival in a Zombie Apocalypse environment, there are several factors you need to hold firmly in mind: (read more at Apex Publications!)



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