Wherein I am excited…

This week seems to have amazing things happening every day. To wit:

  • The first of the trainCon houseguests comes today! So excited to see Danielle. More about trainCon in a moment…
  • Debuts Tuesday!

    My friend Jon McGoran‘s fantastic book Drift debuts on Tuesday and he’s hosting a launch party at the Academy of Natural Sciences that night. Seriously, this is your last chance EVER to pre-order Drift. You totally should so you have bragging rights.

  • something mumble birthday mumble nothing to see here.
  • TrainCon! Fifteen intrepid writers and fans see what happens when they all board a single train for a six-hour trip to Boston (Stay tuned for photos, cries of terror, and play-by-play Cards Against Humanity). Among our ranks: A.C. Wise, E.C. Myers, Shveta Thakrar, Natalie Luhrs, Chris Gerwel, Brni Mojzes, A.T. Greenblatt, and many more (provided they all wake up in time to make the train). Livecast entirely possible. Oh the humanity.
  • Why are we doing TrainCon?
  • Because Readercon starts Thursday night and runs through Sunday. This is my second Readercon and I am looking so forward to seeing my nemisis Carrie Cuinn, her minions Don Pizarro, Wes Chu, and more; visiting with friends I haven’t seen since Boskone, or worse, in a whole year; and going to many, many excellent panels and readings. There will be a recap, but likely also ridiculous tweets.

So it’s a very busy week – hope you’ll stick around and see if we all survive!



  1. Sigh, Readercon! I would so love to join you there. Alas, my obligation to karate camp falls on the same week every year. So I’m counting on you to have a wonderful time so I can enjoy it secondhand. 🙂

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