Month of Authors & Artists and Kickstarters for Your Consideration

The wonderful Alethea Kontis has carefully constructed a Month of Authors and Artists for your enjoyment. Wander on over there and visit with old friends while you meet some new folks. Her questions are great (I like the tree question best). She’s posted interviews with 23 authors so far. Collect ’em all! (I’m #13, and as you can see, Alethea’s no slouch when it comes to putting authors on the hot seat.)

AK: Finish this sentence: “Writing is like…”

FW: Writing is like painting a mural while running a marathon, while baking a pie, all while knowing that you’re only going to use a very small section of the mural in your final project, that there’s a big hill coming up, and that guests are on their way to enjoy the pie.

Should you be so inclined, there are some great kickstarters going on right now for speculative fiction, including:

Know of other great kickstarters and blog things happening? Please do share —



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