Meet Novelocity & January Short Fiction Reads

Noveloceraptor… because books are delicious

A few weeks ago, ten intrepid authors began blogging about questions relevant to your interests. From tracking monthly science fiction and fantasy debuts to answering questions about reading, writing, and things in between, the gang at Novelocity is worth a read – or several reads.

Novelocity features authors J. Kathleen Cheney (The Golden City & The Seat of Magic [Roc, 2013-2014]), E.C. Ambrose (Elisha Barber & Elisha Magus [Daw, 2013-2014]), Beth Cato (The Clockwork Dagger [Harper Collins Voyager, 2014]), Mike Underwood (Geekomancy, Celebremancy, Attack of the Geek [Angry Robot, 2012-2014]), Tina Connolly (Ironskin, Copperhead, & 1 more [Tor 2012-2014]), M.K. Hutchins (Drift), Steve Bein (Daughter of the Sword, Year of the Demon, Disciple of the Shadow [Roc 2012-2014]), Lawrence M. Schoen (Barsk, Tor 2015), Tex Thompson (One Night in Sixes, Solaris 2014), and yours truly, plus guests from all over the industry.

This week, the raptor is talking about Favorite Reads of Our Late Teens & 20s. Last week? Favorite Fantasy Worlds. What about yours? Head on over and join the conversation…

Meantime – want a few great short fiction reads for early 2014? Got you covered. Check out:


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