Women Destroy Science Fiction & On Being Left Wanting More

This week, I had great fun interviewing Christie Yant, guest editor for Lightspeed’s Women Destroy Science Fiction double-issue (coming in June 2014) about girl cooties, Joanna Russ, and the amazing Kickstarter campaign that truly is Wrecking Everything. Head on over to GeekMom.com to see the whole thing, and to get a sneak peek at the first two Women Destroying Science Fiction authors!

Meantime, Novelocity asked “Which Authors Have Left You Wanting More?” And guest author Martha Wells provided an excellent answer, as did Novelocity regulars E.C. Ambrose, Beth Cato, and Lawrence Schoen. Stay tuned for Part Two of that question, coming soon.

Hungry for more great discussion of genre and reading? (None of this containing me, just some links I like) Check out SF Mind Meld’s 2013 Debut Authors on Lessons They’ve Learned Since Getting Published, including J. Cathleen Cheney and Jamie Lee Moyer.  Charlie Jane Anders interviews authors including Daniel Abraham, N.K. Jemisin, Ken Liu, and editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden about Best “Entry Level” SF Books for getting friends hooked on SF/F.  And the results of the Strange Horizon Readers’ Poll is up!

And if you haven’t heard Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch review the Hobbit II for their level of the Worldbuilders’ fundraiser. Well. You might want to fix that. Contains drink recipes. Adult language too. And More Drink Recipes.

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