My Boskone Schedule

Boskone is coming up fast (February 14-16), and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone! Check out the full program here.

Here’s where you’ll be able to find me:

Future Fashion (Panel), Fri 7- 7:50pm What will the well-dressed futurian be wearing 50 years from now? A hundred years? A thousand? What is clothing actually for? What SF works have presented interesting ideas about the clothing of the future? How has fashion infiltrated comics or brought comics styles out into the real world?Panelists: Elizabeth Bear, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Fran Wilde (M), Brianna Wu

The New England SF/F/H Workshop Alumni Reading (Reading), Fri 9-9:50pm, A rapid-fire reading featuring the alumni from New England’s science fiction, fantasy, and horror writing workshops: Viable Paradise, Odyssey, and the Stonecoast MFA program. Featured Readers: Scott H. Andrews, Julie C. Day, Michael J. DeLuca, Sean Robinson, Margaret Ronald, Hannah Strom-Martin, and Fran Wilde.

Finish It! Completing Your Work, Sat 11 -11:50 am. Here you are with two half-completed novels, a handful of unfinished short stories, and a pile of great ideas gathering dust. Then there’s work, life, family, and cons. How do you maintain momentum with so many distractions? Panelists share their experiences as well as strategies to help keep you on track toward finishing the projects that only end when the manuscript is sent out! Jeanne Cavelos (M), Jeffrey A. Carver, Felicitas Ivey, Fran Wilde, Debra Doyle

Kids: Design Your Own Game (Dragonslair), Sat 2- 2:50pm. (With special surprise guest Mur Lafferty!) Ready to create characters, design a quest, and begin to develop your own game? Calling all wizards, space marines, elves, ship captains, and daring thieves to the table! Panelists: Fran Wilde & Mur Lafferty.

The Art of the Electronic Game (, Panel), Sun 11:00 – 11:50 am, Pong and Pac-Man might still have their place, but the infusion of art into the gaming experience has evolved far beyond sliders and bouncing balls. From MYST to The Elder Scrolls to World of Warcraft, visual elements have taken on new prominence and importance. How does art affect gaming and game culture? How has visual design influenced and been influenced by the worlds within electronic games? See examples at Buzzfeed: Panelists: Fran Wilde (M), Frank Wu, Brianna Spacekat Wu

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