Freshly Pressed, Novelocity, Drabblecast, SFWA Blog: Elsewhere

from over at the Tumblr

I’m working on a new Cooking the Books interview today with author Adam Christopher — it’s going to be so good, you guys. SO. Good.

Meantime, tons of things going on. Thank you so much to the folks at WordPress, who featured my essay on voice and competence on Freshly Pressed last week. I’ve met so many new people through that experience and am very grateful. The FP site is a great source of new insights and voices. I highly recommend it.

Over at Novelocity, authors are talking about their dream convention, including Ken Liu, Beth Cato, and me. What’s your dream convention?

New story out! My alien-invasion-foodie-restaurant-management-bad-bet-party story with menus — Local Delicacies — debuts at Drabblecast! The audio sounds amazing – thanks to Lauren Synger, Norm, and Bo Kaier for all their delicious work.

And the SFWA blog has reprinted Cooking the Books with Ann Leckie – I had so much fun doing this interview. Ann Leckie is an amazing author and a completely class act. Go check out the reprint and all the amazing resources for authors over at the SFWA.


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