That’s Craft with a ‘C’: Cooking the Books with Max Gladstone

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Max Gladstone’s fiction mixes modern economic theory with thaumaturgy, necromancy with bankruptcy laws, and his characters draw you into their world before you realize the dangers involved. Talking to Max is a bit similar – you never know where you’ll end up. Be well assured, it will be mindblowing. Max joined the Cooking the Books podcast to celebrate his new book in the Craft Sequence, Full Fathom Five, just out from Tor.

The ingredients for podcast #003 – Cooking the Books with Max Gladstone include:

  • 10% stone golems
  • 3 times the Recommended Daily Amount of artificial gods
  • The best street food money can’t buy
  • What to eat when you’re stuck at the office and still living
  • 2 Dragon Steaks
  • Island economics and class divides
  • One box of Kraft macaroni and cheese
  • Seasoned with Anime, Loncon, and the John W. Campbell awards
  • Plus Max’s new story, The Angelus Guns

Plus, Max has whipped up his favorite summer recipe, below!  Leave your questions here and we’ll be sure Max gets them.

Many thanks to David Wohlreich, Paul Weimer, and Rocket Talk‘s own Justin for the great advance questions.

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Podcast #003: That’s Craft with a C: Cooking the Books with Max Gladstone


Insanely Delicious Egg and Tomato

Chinese dish with specifics borrowed from Yeqiang’s Youtube feed, watch it, she’s great.

  • 1 glug oil (2 tbsp – ¼ cup)
  • equal number eggs and medium sized tomatoes (3 and 3 works fine.)
  • pan!
  • knife!
  • Salt! (one shakka from Morton salt canister; maybe a tsp or two?)
  • Sugar! (about the same)
  • Flame!

Glug oil in pan. Heat pan on medium-high.

Crack eggs in bowl. Whisk eggs ’til smooth.

Oil should be just about smoking.  When it is: Pour eggs into pan!  (This will produce a fluffy pancake-like egg thing.)

Lift egg thing to allow more liquid egg to contact oil. Turn egg thing to cook other side.  Don’t worry if it tears.

Cut tomatoes into wedges; do not use core of tomato.

Tear egg thing to pieces with spatula and shove it all to one half of the pan. Tomatoes into other half of pan!

Add salt to the tomato only. Add sugar to tomato if your tomatoes tend sour.

Wait a few minutes (3?)

Uncover.  Tomato will have become amazing saucelike red stuff.

Mix together.

Serve over rice!


Max Gladstone5_15Max Gladstone
has sung in Carnegie Hall, been thrown from a horse in Mongolia and nominated for the John W Campbell Best New Writer Award twice.  Tor Books published his most recent novel, FULL FATHOM FIVE, in July 2014.  The first two books in the Craft sequence are THREE PARTS DEAD and TWO SERPENTS RISE. You can find him on Twitter, G+, and Facebook, as well as his website.

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    • The demons who inhabit golems develop sensory fixations on the world into which they’ve been summoned, in the same way spiders make a study of insects. Complex beverages are common, because it’s socially acceptable to consume them just about anywhere.

      So, basically, they like coffee because it’s delicious.

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