My London Worldcon (LonCon) Schedule

My schedule for London Worldcon 2014! These panels, you guys. So very excited to be a part of them. The Kaffeeklatsch will be my first – looking forward to seeing friends old and new there!


Thursday 14:00 – 15:00, London Suite 4 (ExCeL) – Come talk short stories, novels, and cooking the books! I’ll have some shiny swag with me, including Cooking the Books ribbons, short story cards, and (hopefully) my growing map of London Literary stops. What are your favorite places?

Feeding the Imagination: Food in SF/F

Friday 11:00 – 12:00, Capital Suite 3 (ExCeL)

The food in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series is described in such detail that cookbooks have been published in response. What other genre works have focused heavily on food to develop the world and characters? What does food say about an invented society? Are stories that lack an exploration of the diet of their characters lacking something?  With: Shana Worthen (M), Aliette de Bodard, Gillian Polack, Jo Walton, Fran Wilde.

Mining Magic

Friday 18:00 – 19:00, Capital Suite 5 (ExCeL)

From Percy Jackson to Harry Potter, to the vampire-infested streets of Urban Fantasy, YA novels have often created their worlds by strip-mining ancient mythologies. Are these new works made more powerful by the resonances they draw on or is it a sign of failing creativity among our writers? What are the books that make best use of their borrowings? And which, if any, most deserve to form the basis of entirely new mythologies for future generations? With:  Fran Wilde, Liz de Jager, Deborah Christie, Erin Hunter, Klaus Æ. Mogensen

SFWA Reception – Friday 19:00-20:00

2014 Hugos: Short Fiction Shortlists Discussion

Friday 20:00 – 21:00, Capital Suite 3 (ExCeL)

Our panel discusses this year’s Hugo Award shortlists for Best Short Story, Novelette and Novella. What’s good? What’s not? What other stories would we like to have seen on the lists? With: Duncan Lawie (M), Brenda W Clough, Carl Engle-Laird, Suzanne Palmer, Fran Wilde

Food Politics

Sunday 11:00 – 12:00, Capital Suite 3 (ExCeL)

From GM foods to high fructose corn syrup, what we eat, what we choose to eat, and what we are allowed to know about what we’re eating is getting increasingly political. Globalisation, labelling, and availability are more important now than they have been before. Should food that are bad for you be taxed or banned? Should we all go vegan organic to save the planet and feed the poor? Will vat meat ever be a palatable and legal alternative? Are obesity, diabetes and unhealthy diets something that governments should be fighting against, and if so, how, or should we all be allowed to eat whatever we want, no matter the health implications for ourselves and the rest of the planet? With: David G. Shaw (M), Robin Hobb, Amanda Baker, Fran Wilde, B. Diane Martin

Tiptree Auction in Honor of GoH Jeanne Gomoll

Sunday 16:30-17:30 ()

I’m not going to be shy – I’ve been working on this baby for a year, along with Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, Marianne Porter, Ellen Klages, Shana Worthen, Elizabeth Bear, Andy Duncan, and many others. And woo do we have a great set of items to auction off. In the spirit of Jeanne Gomoll’s cookbooks, Her Smoke Rose Up From Supper and The Bakery Men Don’t See (we’ll be auctioning off two of those!), we’ve solicited signed recipes from authors you know and love – perfect for carrying home in your suitcase and displaying proudly. We can’t wait to share these with you… Come, bid! Support the Tiptrees and celebrate Jeanne!


  1. So many excellent panels and so many wonderful people there. Well, I am already resigned that this will not happen for me this year, so here is hoping for another such chance in the future. Have fun at Worldcon! 🙂

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