Notes from a (Philcon) panel: What to Read… New to You

*some* people might have felt a little punchy after a long day at the con.

On Saturday, Hildy SIlverman (twitter), Todd Dashoff, Deborah Stanish (twitter), and Anne K. Gray (twitter) joined me to talk about short stories, books, comics and other things we felt the audience should know about in Philcon’s first-ever “Things You Should Read but Don’t Know About Yet” panel.

I set up four speed challenges and asked the panelists to list up to five titles or authors they felt everyone might not know about but should, in categories including ‘short story,’ ‘novel,’ ‘anthology,’ and ‘grab-bag’.

We moved fast and the audience gamely tried to copy all the names down, but I promised I’d post the lists today, so here we are, with MORE still to come from panelists, so check back, and with links (trying to link to a variety of sources) as I’m able.

TYSRBDKAY Short Story / Short Story Author Lists

TYSRBDKAY Novel / Novel Author Lists

TYSRBDKAY Anthology Lists


*Nota Bene: This list is growing as panelists get back to me with items I didn’t catch, so please check back; the links took a while to gather, so if I got one wrong, lmk and I’ll fix.

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