2014’s Top Six Posts

sunsetHere they are:

Before the Mast and On the Deck of the World. An intensely personal post. I’m very grateful it got the reception it did, and for the support and thoughtful words of so many when I posted it.

Magic Wants to Be Fed: Cooking the Books with Robin Hobb. Robin Hobb. Talking about food. And writing. And answering questions from Reddit/r/fantasy readers. Such a fun interview to do, with a fantastic author.

Many Things at Once: Cooking the Books with Russ Galen. Wherein I drove my agent a little nuts trying to get him to pair books with food & wine. But eventually he saw method in my madness. Sorry about all the spaghetti-space operas coming your way!

On Campbell Ineligibility and the Eligibility of Others. Talking about careers, awards, and a list of shiny authors you should not miss.

2014 Favorite Reads. What it says on the tin! Plus a peek at more great books on my goodreads.

My Little Jhereg & The Lunch of Locke Lamora’s Bartender’s Guide. This Cooking the Books April Fools list of made-up drinks from Scott Lynch and Steven Brust has requested its own personal assistant and a bowl of blue M&Ms for its private trailer.

(Can’t wait until you see what Cooking the Books has on the menu for 2015.)


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