So This Was Fun – Asimov’s at Barnes & Noble

Four Philadelphians and two New Yorkers had a great time at the Rittenhouse Square Barnes & Noble this past weekend. I mean, just look at these faces:

photo by Tom Wilde
Gregory Frost, Michael Swanwick, Sheila Williams, Fran Wilde, Emily Hockaday, Tom Purdom, at the Rittenhouse Square Barnes Noble on March 28, 2015 … photo by Tom Wilde

Greg and Michael, editor Sheila Williams, Tom Purdom and I talked about how great the Philadelphia science fiction writing scene is, how our stories in the April/May issue of Asimov’s Magazine came to be, answered fantastic questions from the audience about things past and future, and signed piles of magazines for two hours. 

The best part? The audience was packed with new faces and with friends from near and far. I loved seeing Andy Duncan (the Andy from Michael and Greg’s story, but also the friend who’d encouraged me to send my story, “How to Walk Through Historic Graveyards in the Post-Digital Age,” to Sheila) in the audience, not to mention New Yorkers Sam J. Miller, Ardi Alspach, agent extraordinaire Russell Galen, and Philly-, Delaware-, and Baltimore-area writers and readers Stephanie Feldman, A.C. Wise, Bernie Mozjes, E.C. Myers, Katherine Locke, Chris Urie, Sally Wiener Grotta and Daniel Grotta (who generously hosted an afterparty), Siobhan Carroll, Sarah Pinsker, Lawrence Schoen, Marie Lamba, Tim Burke, artist Melissa Maddoni Haims, Jean-Claire Fitschen, Lee and Diane Weinstein, many members of the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society (PSFS), Edward G. Petit, Jamie O’Boyle, former Asimov’s editor and friend Gardner Dozois, and many more.

Michael Swanwick writes more about the event here. We got excellent advance coverage from the fine folks at Geekadelphia and Philly Now!  And we had a great conversation about the history of Philly’s SF scene, its present, and its future. Thanks to everyone who participated, audience, authors, and especially Sheila Williams, Emily Hockaday, Dell Magazines, and Barnes & Noble for setting this event up!



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