This gnome wants to keep the ARC -- but you can win it!
This gnome wants to keep the ARC — but you can win it… then check out the storify to see how all this came about.

Last week I asked Twitter and Facebook how to best give away my last remaining ARC of Updraft – and you all were amazing with the suggestions. 

I’ve thought long and hard over the weekend about what we should do… and while the household would seriously love some Chicago Pizza and I love all the great ideas, I’m going to try to even the playing field for this one… and keep a couple of the ideas in my back pocket for [REDACTED] closer to launch.

Because getting to read a signed, personalized copy of Updraft a whole three months early is all kinds of great all on its own, right? That, plus maybe a little Updraft swag to test for me…

So definitely make those wings, you may need them in September.

Meantime To win THIS Updraft ARC, here’s what you need to do, via the Rafflecopter giveaway

THAT’S IT! TO enter the giveaway, Sign up for the Secret Message Machine.

If you’re already signed up, you’re already entered once*. Super-easy, because you guys are awesome.

And if you’re not signed up, here’s your chance. The Secret Message Machine (check out the older issues) carries a special bonus in that it’s likely to generate other prizes, giveaways, and free fiction facts, as well as first-to-know announcements about where I’ll be come September — and yes, I’ll be going places! And *especially for those of you already registered* you can enter more than once, by tweeting the message the Rafflecopter giveaway.

So… click here starting today, and register, by midnight, May 26, and you could win my last ARC of Updraft!

I’ll announce the winner in the May 26 issue of the Secret Message Machine.



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