BEA & BookCon Pics: Just Like Being There

Tor Class of 2015: Fran Wilde, Ilana Myer, Principal John Scalzi, Seth Dickinson, Lawrence M. Schoen
Tor Class of 2015: Fran Wilde, Ilana Myer, Principal John Scalzi, Seth Dickinson, Lawrence M. Schoen

Last week was amazing – I joined Tor Books and Macmillan at Book Expo America and BookCon and met book bloggers, book store owners, more librarian warlords and wizards than I can count, and fellow authors and editors for three amazing days. It was a week of firsts – first BEA, first BookCon, first novel autographing session, first time asked by Scalzi which type of pudding I’d rather drown in…


And I know I left you hanging last week, blogwise, so I took as many photos as I could and you can play along now. Ready? Here we go:

First stop Wednesday was 5th Avenue and the Flatiron to drop off a couple author copies of the SFWA 50th Anniversary Cookbook (available for pre-order now!) with my agent and editors.

I love walking in NYC – it’s a great way to see all the buildings, people watch, get exercise… and it’s faster than driving sometimes. But remind me NOT to have to hoof it from 34th to 19th streets ever again. Oh my poor feets. Or what’s left of them.

On Thursday, I was at the Javits Center bright and early for the day’s events… which were exciiiiiiting. But first, I had to hand over one more cookbook… to the author who contributed Schadenfreude Pie.

Scalzi, holding The Cookbook (I know, a lot of cookbook photos, but this thing is awesome. You should see it!)
Scalzi, holding The Cookbook (I know, a lot of cookbook photos, but this thing is awesome. You should see it!)

Then I joined my fellow debut authors, Ilana Myer, Lawrence Schoen, and Seth Dickenson for a rousing game of Would You Rather, as engineered by That Dude Who Likes Pie.

And a few hours later, I joined Lawrence for an autographing session where the line stretched into overflow, and my pen didn’t stop moving for an hour (well, an hour and two minutes, but don’t tell the Javits folks).

Throughout, my steadfast editor, Miriam Weinberg made sure I didn’t miss a thing the Javits had on offer. Including Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock tattoos, and an occasional food. Tor publicity genius Patty Garcia made sure the entire event ran like clockwork, my fantastic publicist Ardi Alspach made sure I stayed on track.

Then I got to meet Neal Stephenson which was **AWESOME** (fangirl.) and I have a book to prove it; visited with Ellen Datlow (editor of Fearful Symmetries and many other things); hung out with friends Jennifer Jackson, Michael Curry, Sara Beth Durst, Navah Wolfe, Katherine Locke, Dena Helik, Mike Underwood, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Clare Eddy, Marco Palmieri, Lauren Hougen, Jim Killen; and more. After staying too late at the Javits, I fled to dinner at Sala One Nine … a million blocks away. I may have texted ‘no cabs, running, may die.’ at least once.

Friday was spent breakfasting at Le Grainne Cafe with Ilana, Seth, Lawrence, and Lawrence’s wife Valerie (who is the nicest person you’ll ever meet in a dark alley knife fight, I promise), and then writing on the Highline with Bo Bolander, Ardi, Lauren Hougen, Chris Gerwel, Mike Underwood, and Maggie MacAlpine. I’m pretty happy that even with all that was going on, I made some headway on book 3 every day.

And on my way back to the hotel (and to a subway adventure in Brooklyn), I discovered that my Asimov’s April/May 2015 story “How to Walk in Historic Graveyards in the Post-Digital Age” was reviewed on iO9, which is amazing. I am so grateful to Tempest Bradford for reviewing print magazines as well as online… and for saying this about my story:

The April/May issue is technically not the current one, but you can still get the eBook version. So read this story! It stands on that knife-edge between science fiction and fantasy and does what all speculative fiction does well: asks difficult questions about the nature of the the world we live in and the world we create. ~

Saturday was Bookcon – and Lawrence, Seth, and I teamed up with Macmillan and Tor Books for an interactive story session. The audience braved early Saturday morning lines for a chance at Tor swag and the opportunity to make three authors tell a story about a robot-unicorn-secret agent-shoe salesman-ninja who saves the world. Also about a magician + familiar matchmaking service… between two characters who had killed off all their previous partners. Totally legit. We had good fun.

I went to the We Need Diversity in Literature panel, which was Excellent — go check out the WNDB site!

Then several of us (Andrea Lam, Ardi, Seth, Bo, Ben, The Chemist & The Urchin) escaped, as one does, and visited the American Museum of Natural History for some much needed space-dinosaur time. It was my first time in the dinosaur wing – LOVED it. Will go again! Plus, I found a new mouth in the sky… and a few spiky creatures I hadn’t seen before.

So, blogfans, that’s all she wrote! Well, not really because now I need to write a whole lot of words on book three. But I hope you enjoyed the photos, and I’ll see you soon (possibly in a town near you…!)


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