Pinterest – distraction or inspiration? With bonus Updraft board (to distract you).


Pinterest is a double-edged sword for most writers. It is an aggregate rabbit-hole… one I can fall down and down for hours when I should be working on scenes.

On the other hand, it is a great place to store inspiration (And recipes. So many recipes.). It’s a great place to find visual prompts (Shimmer Magazine puts new images up regularly). And it’s a wonderful place to find artists, writers, and fellow-cooks.

For instance: 

Aliette de Bodard recently posted her inspiration board for her August-release debut novel House of Shattered Wings. She’s curated the content and narrated a bit too.

Ellen Datlow curates a great list of Books Worth Reading, here.

Jaime Lee Moyer keeps a folder of novel research photos if you want to see what the author of Delia’s Shadow, A Barricade in Hell, and Against a Brightening Sky is playing with these days.

There are inspiring workspaces… swords, costuming, beautiful landscapes. Favorite cover art.

On my own Pinterest boards, I keep a fair bit of nonsense, as well as a lot of recipes, links to essays and stories online, and the think-boards for novels I’m working on. Most of the latter aren’t public, but I’ve opened up one – the think-board for Updraft.  What do I mean by ‘thinky’? It’s a gathering of images and ideas, some sketches of my own, as well as videos passed my way while I was writing. I hadn’t thought about making it public, but some have suggested that it’s interesting to see behind the scenes. So, here we go. Pulling the curtain back a bit:

Updraft Pins2

Do you use Pinterest? How? What are your favorite boards, literary or otherwise? Links should work in the comments.

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