Six Weeks to Go! Custom Bookplates for Pre-orders & Second Starred Review

We are six weeks out from Updraft’s launch and I picked up the custom bookplates last week! They look amazing.

Two of the three bookplate designs.

I wrote about them over at Inkpunks a few weeks ago, when I talked about my sketchbooks. The bookplates are three original designs drawn from the sketches I did while I wrote Updraft.

What this means is that if you pre-order Updraft before August 30, I’ll sign and mail one to you. (If you’ve pre-ordered an ebook, I’ll sign and mail you a sticker to put on your reader of choice.)

Bonus: if you send me your pre-order info before August 5, I’ll be able to personalize the bookplate too. Make sure you tell me what you want it to say, and to whom. (no guarantees on that after Aug. 5.)

Here’s what you need to do: email proof-of-purchase/preorder to:, along with:

  • your mailing address,
  • an image/scan of your receipt for the pre-order of Updraft
  • and your chosen dedication* (before Aug. 1 to be sure I can get to it).

That’s all there is to it! Looking forward to hearing from you, and excited to be able to say thank you to so many of you for supporting Updraft.

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