Five Weeks to Go: Uptember Events, News, & Wonderful, Creative Friends

September 1 still feels far away — five weeks is foreverrrrr. But next Monday isn’t that distant and that’s only four weeks.  And smack in the midst of three weeks and two weeks, Worldcon happens in Spokane (more on that in a little while) and somewhere between landing back in Philadelphia and writing a whole bunch of blog posts and the usual Cooking the Books nuttiness, it will be September, finally and…
that isn’t so far away at all.


Last week, to drive home the point that Updraft is gaining on us, my neighbor Melissa invited some friends of hers over and asked me to talk to them about writing and to read from Updraft. Several wonderful folks had preordered, and I got to sign a few of the new bookplates. The garden event looked like this:


And it felt like this:

And it was great. Strangers are friends now. Our conversations ranged from comics to publishing, to characters, science, and games. So much gratitude to my wonderful friend and her amazing family for hosting.

Melissa is a fellow maker of things (many glorious things) who lets me play in her studio sometimes. A few weeks ago, she invited the Chemist and me over to make bone-chip necklaces and Lawsmarkers out of clay…. and they turned out gorgeous. I’ll have a few at the launch party and at other readings and events. (Side note, another creative friend, Blake Conroy, sent me some amazing cut paper tentacle art that will also be coming out to play soon.)

Melissa also made a letterpress assembly with my new favorite word.


So, here’s what you need to know.

The month of September [Uptember] is going to be amazing – with Updraft events all over.

Click on a link to RSVP via facebook or to learn more. Can’t wait to see you!

(A running, regularly updated events calendar is here. Plus, .. after Uptember comes Tortober — stay tuned!)

Lastly, here’s some exciting news from about a Jeweled Valley novella for next spring.


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