My (mostly set) Sasquan Schedule

In two-and-a-half weeks, I’ll be at Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention. Here’s where to find me:


Reading 10:00 – 10:30, 303B (CC) – now with Tom Doyle!
I’ll be reading from Updraft, and answering questions. Also giving away things. And Tom Doyle will read from The Left Hand Way. It will be a very exciting twenty minutes!

Unseen University – 12:00 – 12:45, 401C (CC)
Imagine a world of wizards that’s a combination of Oxbridge, MIT, and a kiddy’s pool.  Add in excellent good dinners, design elements by a man named Bloody Stupid Johnson, a librarian with some unique abilities, and magic books that eat undergrads, and we begin to understand why Wizards no longer rule the world. Just as well, really.

Autographing 15:00 – 15:45, Exhibit Hall B (CC)


The Future of Food 12:00 – 12:45, Conference Theater 110 (CC)
Science fiction rarely discusses what people will eat in the future.  Denny Zager and Rick Evans’ 1969 hit song, “In the Year 2525,” predicted “Everything you think, do and say is in the pill you took today.”  Will the future really replace barbecue and burgers with capsules and protein drinks?  How far can nutriceuticals go? Will we print our food in 3-D or carve it from Chicken Little? How are cuisines and tastes evolving?  What drives food trends?


Fandom for Children and Teens 14:00 – 14:45, 401C (CC)
Fandom isn’t just for adults. We all started out as kids with books in our hands–books about magic, spaceships, or monsters. What does fandom mean to today’s kids? What resources, conventions, or other fannish activities are available for them? How might future fandom change for tomorrow’s children?

Science & Technology of Discworld 16:00 – 16:45, 300C (CC)
From Hex in the High Energy Magic Building to Quantum Butterflies to clacks, the Discworld books are filled with references to science and technology, so much so, that there are now five books dedicated to that subject as companion pieces to the novels of the Discworld.  Join us for a discussion of these aspects of the books.


Heraldry in Discworld 10:00 – 10:45, 207 (CC)

Young Adults in Adult Fiction 13:00 – 13:45, Bays 111C (CC)
How are young adults portrayed in adult fiction? Is writing a young adult character in adult fiction different than writing a young adult character for YA fiction? Do young adult characters in adult fiction attract young adult readers to adult fiction, and is that good thing? Do authors have to abide by the same expectations as YA authors when writing younger characters?

Very excited for all of this! Hope I’ll see you there!


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