Uptember minus 2: Blog Tour, Event News, Excess Energy

Two days to go! I am preparing all sorts of surprises and spreading them around the internets for you. Below you’ll find the first half of the Blog Tour, more Event News, and a personal high that I’m still staring at. More than one, actually:

Barnes & Noble named Updraft one of the six weirdest fantasy worlds ever created, alongside CJ Cherryh, Chuck Wendig, China Mieville, Martha Wells, and Adrian Tchaikovsky

And in an incredible list of “Things I’ve read that are really, really good” author Elizabeth Bear says of Updraft:

It’s super, one of the best first novels I’ve read in a long time. It’s about a girl who cannot follow orders to save her life trying to make her way through a perilous society where people live at the top of living bone towers and travel with wings. There are creepy monsters and secret societies and this protagonist who just cannot stop making things worse for herself.

Meantime, The Barnes & Noble Bookseller lists Updraft as a top pick for September, and B&N SFF Blog calls Updraft is one of Five Fantastic Fantasies for September. And the excellent Philly Weekly asked me questions about Updraft.

I’m kind of running laps around my house still to burn off excess energy after that.

Meantime, we’re getting ready for the launch party in Philly on Sept. 1, and the Doylestown Wilde-Wendig Shindig on Sept. 2. Then Dragoncon and the Decatur Book Festival. And that’s pretty much just Uptember week 1.

Here’s everything happening eventwise in Uptember – from Philadelphia and Atlanta to San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, and Baltimore – it’s UpTour!  You can also get a sneak peek at TorTober plans there (hint – NYCC!)

I haven’t told you where to find me online yet – so here it is! Blog Tour!* Some posts are fun, some are serious. A few have drawings (some good, some highly suspect!) I’m working really hard with my blog hosts to make sure each entry is different. I’ll try to link things up as they appear. All free for you to enjoy, with my thanks for being great supporters and fans. (*more links will be added as I have them)

There’s more, but I’ll add the next half of the month later on this month.

Also keep an eye out for The Functional Nerds, where I talk tech; the excellent B&N SFF Blog, where I talk everything except bad guys; Black Tribbles Radio, and more in the coming weeks.

I hope I’ll see you out at some UPTEMBER events, and in the comments on the blog tour posts, and on goodreads & etc.

test Upcake for the book launch! — theyre delicious —

If you’re at Dragoncon or Decatur Book festival, please say hi! It’s my first year and I’ll be the nervous one at elbow-level in the crowd.

(A few scheduling notes: The Library of Congress talk has been moved from Sept. 24 to Dec. 3. And The Main Point Books event with Gregory Frost has been moved from Sept. 23 to Sept. 28.)

Don’t forget to get your #UPDRAFT reading selfies ready – post them to twitter/instagram/facebook between 9/1 and 9/8 and tag #UPDRAFT #UPTEMBER. Enter as many times as you like. Creativity will be rewarded – big raffle prizes! US/Canada (unless you’re like my sister who has offered to pay to ship to NZ if she wins).

ps: send more coffee – yours, sincerely, your dedicated author-construct

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