New UPDRAFT Story At BCS, Launch Pics, Dragoncon & Book Festival

Coming to you at the crack of dawn from the airport… let’s see if I can post on three hours’ sleep!

The launch party at Barnes & Noble Rittenhouse Square was amazing. Thanks to everyone who came out, or were there in spirit. I have photos for you!


packed house!
signing line


standing room only!

Ditto the Doylestown Bookstore event, where Chuck Wendig grilled me on the finer points of UPDRAFT, and I tried to ask him questions back… he’s like question-teflon, that one. Photos for that too!

The Last Launch Raffle continues and we’re getting entries to win the pile o’ books from’s novella line, Stephanie Feldman, Jon McGoran, and more, as well as invisible ink and UPDRAFT swag. Yes, I’ll put an UPDRAFT airplane in. To enter, tweet/instagram/facebook a book selfie tagged #UPDRAFT #UPTEMBER by 9/8.

   Many posts rolled out last week, and there are more to come. (There’s a list with links here, and I’m building a blog roundup post.) I’m especially happy at the timing of the following: an interview with my Beneath Ceaseless Skies editor Scott Andrews and a contest to win UPDRAFT, over at BCS!  

 They’re going up alongside “Bent the Wing, Dark the Cloud,” a short story set in the world of UPDRAFT, but a bit earlier. This one has wingmakers. I’m delighted that I get to share it with you — for free — in time to celebrate UPDRAFT launch and UPTEMBER.


I’m at Dragoncon this weekend – I’ll be signing at 10:30 Saturday at the Marriott, reading (and swag-giving) 10 am Sunday at the Hyatt, and manning the SFWA booth as I can.  Several Dragoncon booksellers have UPDRAFT in stock, so come find me and I’ll sign yours!  It’s my first Dragoncon, so I’m happy to see friendly faces.

Sunday afternoon, I take the stage at Decatur Book Festival – 3:45pm – to talk new fantasy. We’ll be signing after. Hope to see you there too!

There’s more news coming – both about UPTEMBER events and the amazing Flights of Fantasy tour I’ll be joining in October… but I think this is a pretty good start this morning… what do you think?

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