Borderlands, Mysterious Galaxy, Booksmugglers & more! Uptember Week 3

Ok, first off, Writers with Drinks was amazing.

photo credit: Kim Unger
Writers With Drinks, 9/12 – photo credit: Kim Unger

Second, this review, you guys. It’s so amazing when a reviewer really gets your book.


Third, this week gets even more amazing.

Tuesday, Greg Van Eekhout, Seanan McGuire, and I are at Borderlands Books to help launch Greg’s DRAGON COAST (see his Book Bite here) – 6pm – hope we see you there.

Then on Saturday, at 2pm, Greg, Adam Rakunas and I will be at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego for more tacos and tecate party!

On Monday, the wonderful Ysabeau Wilce and I swung by the new Locus Magazine offices on a secret mission. There are robot trashcans throughout the building, a giant pile of pianos and more amazing stuff Still packed away in a few boxes. So cool!

What happens in between all that? More fun with the Internets – I’m at Far Beyond Reality, with an essay I really love about looking beyond the frame in a novel, and the Civilian Reader today!

For Tuesday, I’ve done something really odd at Booksmugglers – drawn a family tree for Updraft… they’re probably regretting asking me to come over now they can’t get the inkstains out of the couch!

an annotated family tree for Updraft

Also Tuesday, I’m talking books, BBQ, and batteries at Functional Nerds!

Wednesday, I’m at The Quillery (there’s a giveaway!), and at V.E. Schwab’s blog talking about my writing process. Thursday & Friday I’m at Live to Read and On Starships and Dragonwings.

Plus, there’s a new Cooking the Books coming your way soon – with me and Elizabeth Bear. I might surprise her early on… see what happens!

I’m traveling, so your notes and words of support on the social media are really helping me keep going. Thanks for everything so far you guys, and going forward!

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