Fiction on The Rails, Fall Flights of Fantasy Tour Day 1

Dear Diary – The train is strangely quiet now, after the riot… er, sudden stampede due to the appearance of warrior poets, invisible carnivorous flying cephalopods, and a phalanx of rebel accountants.  Luckily, I had a new pair of wings (Thanks to Withencroft Industries!) in case I needed to fly…

But no worries! We (Ilana C. Myer, Seth Dickinson, and I) were quickly back on our way to our first stop on the Tor Books Fall Flights of Fantasy Tour – Wellesley Books in Wellesley MA.

They were marvelous hosts, and so many friends old and new came out to hear us answer questions… and boy did they ask all the hard ones.

I for one want to say thanks so much to Elizabeth Bear, Scott Lynch, Alena McNamara, Kate Salter, Allison Pottern Hoch, the amazing staff at Wellesley Books, Jennifer Jackson, Michael Curry, and everyone who came out! It was great to see you there.

Onward to Portland Maine! Who will we meet next?!


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