Philcon, Akron OH, & Library of Congress Plus Limited Bookplates for Holidays

philcon_logoGifting Updraft for the holiday? I have a few, limited bookplates left that I’ll personalize for you! Send proof of purchase to online[dot]wilde[at]gmail [*unscramble that to prove you’re not a bot*], mailing address, and your personalization request before Dec. 1, or before supply is eaten by invisible cephalopod, and I’ll get them to you ASAP.

Pls. don’t make fun of the bow! I’m on deadline…

Several great events are coming up, starting with this weekend… Most also exist on the web calendar (I’ll fix the others!) and I’m very excited to see you in Philly, D.C., and Ohio…

November 20-22 – Philcon

  • 11/21 – 5pm (Plaza Two): THINGS YOU SHOULD READ (BUT DON’T KNOW ABOUT YET) – Fran Wilde (mod), Dena Heilik, Joseph Berenato, Alex Shvartsman.
  • 11/21 – 6pm suite 623 READING with Keith R.A. DeCandido
  • 11/22 – 10am (Plaza Three): CYBERPUNK TODAY – Fran Wilde (mod), Day Al-Mohamed, Vikki Ciaffone, Chris Fuller, Robert C Roman
  • 11/22 – 11am AUTOGRAPHING – wherein I will sign your books!

Nov. 28 – 1pm: Akron-Summit County Library, Ohio! Ill be visiting my local librarian warlord friends, reading, and signing Updraft. Bring your best post-Thanksgiving stories to share.

December 3 – 12pm: Library of Congress – I’ll be talking “Flights of Fancy and Fact: High-flying Tales and Real Man-Made Wings” as part of the lunchtime lecture series sponsored by The LOC’s Science, Technology & Business Division and The LCPA What If… Science Fiction and Fantasy Forum. Come join us for lunch at 101 Independence Ave. SE, Washington DC, LM 139

December 5 – 3pm: Whitman Library of the Philadelphia Free Library – I’ll be reading, talking about writing, and more.


December 11 – 9pm: Philadelphia Science Fiction Society


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