Gratitude – The Best Part of Debut Season

at University Bookstore, Seattle

This fall has been an astounding, wonderful blur.

I’m grateful for all of it. From the actuality of Updraft, to friends new and old, the bookstores, the travel, the blogs and podcasts, to the team at Tor, and most especially to you who came out — and keep coming out — in support of Updraft in person, online, and at all points in between.

Some of you know I’ve been carrying one particular copy of Updraft around with me. That I’ve asked my hosts, the booksellers at each stop, friends, and colleagues to sign it at each stop. It helps keep the blur at bay, because I can read your notes and it feels like I’m there again.

(If you didn’t get to sign it, you’re still in there! Thanks to the magic of online reviews & posts & comments.)

Someone asked me recently what the best part of the debut season was and I had a lot of parts to pick from. But the answer’s below.

It’s you. Thank you so much for being here with me. I’m honored and grateful to be able to be in your presence, both when I see you and hear from you, and each time I open this book:

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