A Card or Two for Tom Purdom

So being in the hospital kind of stinks, especially around the new year, especially if you’ve been there a while.

My friend, neighbor, and long-time SFF writer and music critic Tom Purdom has been in the hospital / rehab since August 5, when he was hit from behind while walking on a Schuykill River trail.  This isn’t really news – it’s been in Locus (though he’s moved rooms since).

Tom’s been writing SF since the 1950s and I shared an in Asimov’s with him this spring.

A fellow friend and neighbor, Michael Swanwick, has been keeping everyone posted about his conversations with Tom lately.

photo by Tom Wilde — Greg Frost, Michael Swanwick, Sheila Williams, me, Emily Hockaday, and Tom Purdom last spring

He’s hopefully coming home soon, but Michael & I have a wish to ask of you in the meantime.

If you’re putting together holiday cards, new years cards, or get-well cards maybe consider sending one Tom’s way ? … and if not to Tom, then maybe to someone else who’s stuck in the hospital?


Tom Purdom
The Watermark at Logan Square, Room 221
Two Franklin Town Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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