An Honor to Be Nominated – Compton Crook & Nebulas

Last week, I sat on some news until I thought I was going to burst. I can keep other people’s secrets just fine. Mine own? Agony.

It didn’t help that I’d used the child lock settings on my tech to wall myself off from all the awards chatter, so I had no idea what was coming… Or maybe that helped a lot.

Here we go:

I am so honored and grateful to be nominated for several awards this spring.

The fact that when people went to nominate they thought of Updraft is in itself an honor. So, too, is appearing among the other nominees and finalists – have you seen the lists yet? If not, no worries, I’ve got them linked and crossposted below. They are amazing. At the same time, many, many books and stories deserve the same spotlight of attention that awards nominations generate. I’ve dedicated my time with Cooking The Books and Book Bites to highlighting other authors’ work because I know how important that is. And I’ll continue to do so in the future.

220px-Baltimore_Science_Fiction_Society_logoFirst, a huge thank you to the members of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society for naming Updraft a finalist for the Compton Crook Award – which celebrates a best first novel in a publishing year. BSFS writes: “This prize, named after a Towson State College Professor of Natural Science named Compton Crook, who wrote under the name Stephen Tall, and who died in 1981, was first awarded in 1983 for a work published in 1982.”

I’m delighted to be a Compton Crook finalist, along with my co-author on the SFWA 50th Anniversary Cookbook, a former critique buddy, and many friends. Baltimore was my hometown for twelve years. I taught and worked there, mopped up after floods and hurricanes there, and sailed the Chesapeake Bay and the Patapsco for much of my life.  I am so excited to be coming home.

Check out the finalists and their work! (I’m linking to both books and websites) I’m looking forward to seeing as many of them as possible, and all of you in Baltimore in May for Balticon!

NebulasPostcardFront20161-360x257Second — and admittedly this was the more difficult secret to sit on, because I had to sit longer, Updraft has been nominated for two awards at this year’s Nebulas – Best Novel and the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy.


I haven’t spoken all that much about the experience of being a crossover novel – a book that has young adult aspects and readers as well as adult aspects. I am very grateful indeed that Updraft was remembered and included in the Nebulas and for the Norton. So many thanks to the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

I am equally astounded and grateful to find myself among some of my favorite books of the year. Check out these lists, you guys. And then click on through to the short stories, novellas, novelettes, and movies.  I am so excited to be able to join  my colleagues and friends at the Nebula Awards Weekend this year.

Nebula Award for Best Novel Nominees

Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy

The full list of Nebula Awards and Nominees – contains a number of things from this list!


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