My ICFA, Vericon, & U. Richmond + Fountain Bookstore Schedules

3citiesSeven days, three cities, and two temperate zones – that’s what the next week looks like!

From Wednesday to Friday, I’ll be in Orlando, FL, at the International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts (such a great conference). Then I’m delighted to be a guest at Harvard’s Vericon from Friday to Sunday, and then I’m extremely excited to be a writer-in-residence for two days at University of Richmond, followed by a visit to a local school and an appearance on Tuesday, March 22 at 6:30pm at Fountain Bookstore in Richmond.

Many photos of planes and trains and silliness to follow (most likely over at instagram). My schedules are below – hope to see you at one of these! I’ll be the one with a bag of swag and some ARCs to give away…



  • 3/16 – 4:30-6pm Author Reading with John Chu, James Patrick Kelly, and Rick Wilbur (host) – Vista A.
  • 3/17 – 2:30-4pm Author Reading with Ursula Pflug, Mari Ness & Owl Goingback – Captiva B.



Friday 3/18:
8-9 PMFantasy Worlds that Feel Real – Worlds are complex and fascinating — how do you integrate the fantastic with imagined history, culture, economics, religion, folklore, and everything else to come up with a world that feels solid and magical at the same time? Fran Wilde, Pamela Dean, Greer Gilman. Moderator: Seth Dickinson
Saturday 3/19:
  • 1:45-2:15 PM: Book Signing
  • 3-4 PMIdeas are the Easy Part – People ask where ideas come from, but ideas are the easy part. How can you tell which are the good ones? And once you have an idea you think is good, how do you nurture it and develop it until it transforms it something ready to send to an editor?  John Chu, Seth Dickinson, Malka Older. Moderator: Fran Wilde
Sunday 3/20:
  • 10-10:30 AMReading
  • 11 AM-12 PMGlory and Death – What keeps us coming back using these things to power our stories, and on what levels is it realistic? Ann Leckie, Seth Dickinson, Fran Wilde. Moderator: Jo Walton



University of Richmond: I’m writer in residence for March 21-22 – Classes & a guest talk, then…







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