Locus Interview, MindMeld, Cage Match


A bunch of links for you, while I head out on the road…

For starters, The March 2016 issue of Locus is pretty amazing.
  There’s an excellent tribute to David Hartwell, editor of many of my favorite authors & books. There’s a fantastic column by Cory Doctorow. And interviews with authors Lisa Goldstein and me.  Not to mention a really gorgeous, tentacular layout by the very talented Francesca Myman – my fellow Fran. 

  Here’s a link to excerpts from the interview. If you want to read the whole issue and help support Locus, there’s a link on that page. 

  Meantime, SFSignal asked Ilana C. Myer, Sofia Samatar, Sunil Patel, C.C Finlay, and me about our favorite sub genres. I replied with my usual sociopolitical economic strum and technological drang, and everyone’s lists make up a great reading menu. That’s here

And certainly not least, I’ve been having some fun with the Suvudu March Madness Cagematch bracket. First round, I left one of John Hornor Jacobs’ internal territories characters … Uhmmm. Well there was a silk dress involved.  And they still let me come back- here’s round 2! (silly Eagles)

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