The Official Cloudbound Bookplate Preorder How-To Guide

Pre-order now! Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s | Indiebound

Hello friends! I am slowly getting my feet back under me after a crazy, turbulent, amazing month. I’ll update and post photos soon.  Meantime, I’ve been getting a lot of requests that I post the how-to guide for how to get the Cloudbound bookplate. 

That is a thing I can do!

The bookplate for Cloudbound is so cool. Drawn by Raq, who also drew the Cooking the Books logo. Yes, it’s a map, but it’s much more than that.

Secrets will be revealed as the summer progresses!

Here’s a photo so you can see just how gorgeous it is.


Here’s how to get one (or more) of your very own, signed by me, mailed to you by… again, me!

  1. Preorder Cloudbound (coming out Sept. 27 from Tor! So excited.) *
  2. Send to an email containing:
    1. a pic of your receipt (with credit card info x-ed out, I don’t want to know) 
    2. your mailing address
    3. who you want the bookplate made out to (to: name? or just a signature)

That’s it! Two steps. We have a bunch of requests already, which is so great! I’ll start signing and mailing them in August.

*Wondering where to preorder from? Wherever is best for you: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, my west coast bookstore friends Mysterious Galaxy, your local indie, anywhere. (If you can’t pre-order, be sure to let your library know you want a copy on reserve.)

If you want the special fancypants treatment, I’ve partnered with one of my local indies – Main Point Bookstore – to offer both the bookplate and the usual Bone Universe silver inscriptions — on this and all my books. They’ll bring me the books, have me sign them, and they’ll send them to you!  Give them a call – Anmiryam, Cathy & co. are wonderful.

So, there’s the how and the to! Get your bookplate orders in early so I can start unlocking more secrets about these particular plates!

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