Six Things Make a Post! Podcasts, YouTube, Anthology, & A Recliner

A couple fun things in the air:

  • Sword & Laser interviewed me yesterday, to coordinate with their June read of Updraft. Keep an eye on their site/twitter/this station for an update when the interview is up. (you might should anyway, last month’s interview with Ramez Naam was excellent). The audience questions were fantastic. (I have questions about this purported giant space hedgehog…)
  • I also talked with Ditchdiggers‘ Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace (hey, Matt’s got a new Sin du Jour out!) this month, as well as Scott Edelman for Eating the Fantastic – both out soon!
  • Because yesterday was ridiculous (ok, actually this whole month), I posted the full saga of Goldy The1970s Harvest Gold Recliner to various social medias.  Enjoy at your own risk.
  • SpeculateThe Contributing Authors list for Speculative Fiction 2015 is live! I’m so excited that my essay “Change the Language, Change the World,” (originally published at will appear in this collection.
  • I still need to write about how amazing Balticon50 was, and what a fantastic experience the Compton Crook Award was. I’ll do that soon, but one of the (many) highlights was a surprise Kaffeklatsch that the guest services team organized, where my friend Gary finally performed “Bridge Shanty” – a song inspired by Updraft, and I was able to record it. SO COOL. I hope you enjoy.


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