I’ll Just Put the Kettle On: Cooking the Books with Emma Newman

Emma Newman, photo credit: Lou Abercrombie
Emma Newman, photo credit: Lou Abercrombie

Last fall, I was invited to the Tea & Jeopardy podcast for … you guessed it: tea. Along the way, I engaged in Mild Peril and was sung to by chickens. The delight didn’t end there, for I had the distinct pleasure of getting to know author Emma Newman, the host of Tea & Jeopardy.

Now it’s my great pleasure to have Emma over to this side of the ocean, in order to discuss, among other things: tea, masked balls, community, outrage, activism, and cake. We do break a few dishes at the outset, and discuss a few recent events (the recording was made before the Brexit referendum), but then we put the kettle on and talk about Emma’s books, the exquisite Planetfall (Roc, 2015) and the upcoming After Atlas (Roc, November, 2016), as well as her upcoming novella for Tor.com publishing, the LARP of the world of her split worlds books, as well as the masked ball she threw last year, what Lord Poppy would eat, and much more.

The ingredients for podcast #24 ~ I’ll Just Put the Kettle On: Cooking the Books with Emma Newman ~ include:

  • a kettle (naturally)
  • cake (ditto)
  • a tea mug hierarchy
  • a short digression into the finding of authors who happen to be female
  • the Earl-Grey Hot problem
  • An elegant ball
  • Rudimentary fan language
  • Men wearing red lipstick and eyeliner
  • Fanfic
  • Total despair mixed with gelatin, poured into the shape of a bunny rabbit
  • Questions from Twitter

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Podcast #024: I’ll Just Put the Kettle On: Cooking the Books with Emma Newman

Emma has kindly supplied her directions for making tea:

Making tea:
I don’t claim to be an expert, but these are the steps I follow when making tea for myself.
When making a cup for yourself (I am the only regular tea drinker in the house, so I don’t make pots of tea day to day)
  • Boil the kettle
  • Pour just boiled water onto the tea bag and let it steep for a minimum of three minutes.
  • Add milk to taste
  • (If you prefer teas that are better without milk, such as Earl Grey, you don’t need to let it steep nearly as long!)
When making a pot
  • The rule I use is one tea bag per person and one for the pot.
  • Boil the kettle and use a little bit of the boiled water to warm the tea pot before use – just a dash of hot water swilled around inside and poured out is fine.
  • Add the tea bags, fill, cover with a tea cosy and let it steep for a minimum of 3-5 minutes
  • Pour and add milk to taste
There are all sorts of fancy teas and clever things to do with loose leaf teas, but I am a practical person who likes to make a cuppa and get on with work, hence these very basic and stripped down instructions!

Emma Newman writes dark short stories and science fiction and urban fantasy novels.  She won the British Fantasy Society Best Short Story Award 2015 and ‘Between Two Thorns’, the first book in Emma‘s Split Worlds urban fantasy series, was shortlisted for the BFS Best Novel and Best Newcomer 2014 awards. Her first science-fiction novel, Planetfall, was published by Roc in 2015. Emma is an audiobook narrator and also co-writes and hosts the Hugo-nominated podcast ‘Tea and Jeopardy‘ which involves tea, cake, mild peril and singing chickens. Her hobbies include dressmaking and playing RPGs. She blogs at www.enewman.co.uk and can be found as @emapocalyptic on Twitter.

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