Podcast Roundup! From Milking Servers to Space Hedgehogs

I’ve been a guest on several fantastic podcasts lately – check them out!

DitchdiggersDDhosts Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace invited me to the server farm (whose farm you might well ask) and we had a blast rolling around on Segways while trying to see who could milk a server the fastest. No really, all true. These two are great to talk with, no matter how many angry servers are chasing you to the back fence, and Ditch Diggers is a perennial must-listen.

Eating the Fantastic – Scott Edelman and  I talk over lunch and scones for a Balticon50 edition of Eating the Fantastic. Scott’s accruing a great collection of interviews over here! Check them out.

roundtableRoundtable Podcast – Co-hosts Dave Thompson and Marie Bilodeau talked with me about all sorts of things, including Updraft, The Jewel and Her Lapidary, and Cloudbound, then asked me to guest host their Roundtable workshop with stalwart writer and lovely person Jen Dawson!
20 Minutes with Me
Guest Host Workshop

Sword & Laser9778c-1466556690301 – It was amazing talking with Tom and Veronica about Updraft and books and all the things in between, and answering reader questions. Sword & Laser is one of those podcasts I’ve been listening to for a long, long time. I’m still getting over the shock of being on it. Won’t ever get over having to follow Ramez Naam because Mez’s brain, wow. (seriously listen to that one too. and all the others.)

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