Rosewater: Book Bites with Tade Thompson

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Book Bites is Cooking the Books‘ more easygoing cousin. Authors talk about their book and share a recipe, all in one tasty bite. 

Tade’s work has appeared in Escape Pod, Apex Magazine, and Ideomancer. Tade’s debut, MAKING WOLF (Rosarium 2015), won a Kitschie Award in 2015. His latest, ROSEWATER (Apex 2016), coming in November from Apex Publishing, but you can preorder now!

Welcome, Tade!

My Nigeria exists in the aftermath of a benign alien invasion. The most visible stigma of this is a biodome which opens once a year, releasing a pollen-style burst of healing xeno-microbes. The eponymous Rosewater is the city that grew around the dome. My protagonist in ROSEWATER is called Kaaro, and he finds himself in the apartment of a young lady on the morning after.

It’s a Sunday, so she offers yam and eggs. Most likely you won’t know much about Sunday breakfast food in West Nigeria.

In my childhood it was almost always yam and eggs (for lunch was reserved the institution called Sunday Rice, but that’s for another Book Bite). Kaaro can read her mind, but he does not because experience has taught him that mind-reading is bad for relationships. Mutual self-disclosure and discovery is better than a unilateral open book. There can be no je ne sais quoi if all thoughts are known. Instead of mind-reading I recommend commensality, or breaking bread.

  • Yam & Eggs:
  • Here’s what you’ll need:
  • One medium-sized tuber of yam.
  • One teaspoon of salt.
  • One teaspoon of sugar (optional)
  • Scrambled eggs recipe of your choice (just don’t, you know, add milk, because no).

What you should do:

  • Half-fill a sauce pan with water.
  • Lay out a protective polythene because yams can be messy.
  • Cut the yam into slices. Two slices should be sufficient for each person.
  • Peel off the brown outer layer, then wash the slices in cold water.
  • Place slices in saucepan. About a third of the yams should be above the surface of water.
  • Salt (and perhaps sugar).
  • Turn on the heat. A low flame works best.
  • Boil until a table knife can easily puncture without applying pressure.
  • Scramble eggs as you see fit.
  • Serve piping hot.

tade-9Tade Thompson is the author of the award-winning novel MAKING WOLF and a number of short stories in various venues. His background is in psychiatry and social anthropology. He lives and works in the south of England. His new novel ROSEWATER, is released in November 2016 from Apex Books. You can find him on twitter & his website!


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