Launch Photos! Plus Four Blogs & a Giveaway Make A Post

Tuesday’s launch for Cloudbound was amazing – thanks so much to Barnes & Noble Rittenhouse Square and to everyone who came from far and wide! And especially to the gracious, wonderful, and funny Chuck Wendig, who is almost certainly not made of spiders.

I’ve been out blogging – a couple of posts relevant to me, Cloudbound, or both – would love it if you’d share them as you see fit!  (And like always, share your feels for Updraft and Cloudbound [and every book you love] whenever you can!)

Launch photos below!

And if you’re in Chicago on Monday, October 3, Ada Palmer and I will see you at Volumes Bookstore, yes? YES.

My Favorite Bit: The Invisible 

(About characters, disability, and a tiiiiny worldcon tableflip)

When people ask me about my debut novel, Updraft, their questions usually center around worldbuilding or influences. Online, there’s a lot of speculation about what’s down below the clouds. (I promise, you’ll find that out with Cloudbound, out September 27, 2016 from Tor — hey, that’s today!). We talk about monsters a lot too, and man-made wings, multigenerationality, and occasionally about echolocation.

What I don’t get asked about a lot is the disabilities represented in the series. […]


The Big Idea: Fran Wilde

When Norton Award-winning author Fran Wilde sat down to write Cloudbound, she wasn’t intending to write something whose politics had parallel with the world outside of her book. But sometimes, as she explains today, the world catches up with you. FRAN WILDE:  What happens when you write a book about the political twists of a […]


Why I Wrote Cloudbound From A Different POV :  Unbound Worlds

Fran Wilde discusses the experience of experimenting with different points of view, both in writing a story and in real life. (With special guest, Alec Bings)


Also, meet my favorite murderbirds: The Lammergeiers –


Oh…  and hey, check this out – you can enter to win a copy each of Updraft AND Cloudbound at YA Books Central.


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